Wisconsin Badgers beat Kentucky Wildcats (Whiskey Jacks Saloon – State St. Madison, WI)

I may not be from WI originally…but WI has definitely become my #2 home for life. For the last 7 years, Madison & Badgers alike have supported my livelihood/career and given me a place to call home. I have helped PLENTY of Badgers party their college years away and give them memories to last. I have probably seen and done pretty much all that you can being a DJ in Madison, WI. I have grown a spot in my heart for Madison. With that said, I was happy to be a part of their Final Four victory. I didn’t have my good video camera with me, but check out some video and pix I got of Madison, WI last night celebrating their win at Whiskey Jacks on State St (Madison, WI)!